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New fiction project

This is a fun one. Tim Pratt, Jenn Reese, Heather Shaw, and I have written 26 short-short stories that’ll be published starting next month in Daily Science Fiction. And then a while later they’ll be at PodCastle as a special audio download with the addition of some extra stories.

Tim’s got the skinny on how this project came to be here, and PodCastle’s Dave Thompson talks about his connection to the project here.

This was a really fun thing to work on, and I hope people enjoy reading and hearing these stories.


This is the Bloomsbury & Walker Spring 2011 Books for Young Readers catalog, which gets sent to booksellers and librarians and the people who buy the books that you buy or borrow before you buy or borrow them. I point you to the page featuring The Boy at the End of the World, because I’m a celebrate-every-step-of-the-journey guy when it comes to books.

Well, not every step. I don’t celebrate returns. But if it’s celebratable? Then I’m all over it.

Another soup

In the new book I’m writing, one of the ways wizards work magic is by making soup. To research Norse Code, I battled giants and trolls. For Kid vs. Squid, I got myself swallowed by a fish and ate cheese spray from a can. And to do Boy at the End of the World right, I spent some time as the last human being on Earth and was chased by giant killer death parrots.

For the new one, I made soup. Ham and navy bean soup, to be specific. I don’t know if it’s coming across in the pic, but I want to bathe in this soup and then drink the soup I’m bathing in. Okay, that’s gross. All I’m saying is that this is the best pot of soup I’ve ever made.