This weekend I wrote a 600-word scene about this guy:

In the scene, he saves a puppy and gets run over by a truck. Then he has to go to school with parts of his robotic brain poking through his scalp, which is a problem for him, because nobody’s supposed to know he’s a robot. His teacher’s strict no-hats-in-class policy complicates things.

Also, I can’t draw feet. (This is a prose project, but I’m drawing the characters for my own use and amusement.)

That is all.


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Greg van Eekhout is the author of the novels California Bones, The Boy at the End of the World, Kid vs. Squid, Norse Code, and other stuff.
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  1. Gears says:

    So where are the robot brains in this picture? If you’re going to promise robot brains, you really should deliver them.

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