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Stuff I wrote in 2015 you can nominate for awards, y’know, if you want to

Hey! You like nominating and voting on stuff for awards? Some stuff I wrote was published in 2015. You can nominate and vote for this stuff.

There are two things.

This is a novel. It’s about wizards who eat the bones of extinct magical creatures to gain their powers. I did a lot of research for this book. I almost died sinking in a mud volcano near the Salton Sea. Reward me.

Here’s the Tor Books website for Pacific Fire. There’s a hefty excerpt you can read.

This book is similar to the last book only there’s more dragon. To research this one I had to go to San Francisco and walk the streets and eat delicious food. Reward me.

And here’s the Tor Books website for Dragon Coast. Again, there’s an excerpt.