Stuff I wrote in 2015 you can nominate for awards, y’know, if you want to

Hey! You like nominating and voting on stuff for awards? Some stuff I wrote was published in 2015. You can nominate and vote for this stuff.

There are two things.

This is a novel. It’s about wizards who eat the bones of extinct magical creatures to gain their powers. I did a lot of research for this book. I almost died sinking in a mud volcano near the Salton Sea. Reward me.

Here’s the Tor Books website for Pacific Fire. There’s a hefty excerpt you can read.

This book is similar to the last book only there’s more dragon. To research this one I had to go to San Francisco and walk the streets and eat delicious food. Reward me.

And here’s the Tor Books website for Dragon Coast. Again, there’s an excerpt.

About Greg van Eekhout

Greg van Eekhout is the author of the novels California Bones, The Boy at the End of the World, Kid vs. Squid, Norse Code, and other stuff.
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