One of my favorite things about being an author is getting to talk to readers about books and writing, and I’d be delighted to visit your school, library, book festival, or conference.

Rates vary according to the nature of the visit and travel/time requirements. Please feel free to email to inquire.

I have a Master ofEducation degree with a specialty in the development of educational media, and before becoming a published author, I spent ten years developing online curriculum for K-12 and university students.

I offer the following presentations:

Where Do You Get Your Ideas?
This is a question dreaded by many authors, but I love answering it. It gives me the opportunity to talk about the process of turning inspiration into finished work. Using specific examples from my books (and accompanying PowerPoint visuals), I show how the things that one reads, incidents from one’s own life, and active exercises combine to form ideas rich enough to power a book.

From Scribble to Book
Using specific examples from my books (and accompanying PowerPoint visuals), this presentation covers the steps from story idea to publication, including developing good work habits, revision, dealing with rejection, working with an editor, development of a book cover, and the daily life of a writer.

Presentations can be adapted or combined to fit varying needs and time constraints. I also like to leave plenty of time for Q&A discussion with the audience. I’m flexible! I’m also happy to read short passages from my books and engage in more informal conversations about writing and publishing.

Free Skype Visits
I also do free Skype visits with classrooms, reading groups, and book clubs.  Email for more information.

“Greg has it all: Rapport with the kids, great reading style, a polished PowerPoint presentation, and he’s really good at answering the awkward questions.” — Suzanne Dupree, YA Coordinator, Mysterious Galaxy Bookstore