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California Bones
(Tor Books) – A contemporary fantasy novel about a wizard-thief attempting to recover his father’s remains from the ruler of Los Angeles, a kingdom powered by the bones of extinct magical creatures from the La Brea Tar Pits.


Pacific Fire
(Tor Books) Book 2 in the California Bones trilogy.


Dragon Coast
(Tor Books) Book 3 in the California Bones trilogy.
Dragon Coast

The Boy at the End of the World – middle-grade
The adventure of the last boy on earth.

Kid vs. Squid – middle-grade
A boy must save the survivors of Atlantis from an evil witch and her creepy minions .

Norse Code
A Norse god and a valkyrie must stop a conspiracy to destroy the nine worlds.



  • On the Fringes of the Fractal – in 2113, edited by Kevin J. Anderson
  • The Authenticator – in Fltytrap
  • The Holy City and Em’s Reptile Farm – in Other Earths (DAW BOOKS)
  • Hermod’s Ride – in Flytrap
  • Frequent Flier Miles – in Flytrap
  • Far As You Can Go
    • Show And Tell and Other Stories
    • Year’s Best Science Fiction 24th Annual Edition
    • Mini-Masterpieces of Science Fiction
  • Shadow of Myself – in Exquisite Corpuscle
  • Ghost Market – in Paper Cities
  • C-Rock City (with Jay Lake) – in Solaris Book of Science Fiction
  • The Osteomancer’s Son
    • Asimov’s Science Fiction (April/May 2006)
    • Year’s Best Fantasy 7
    • Best Fantasy of the Year: 2007
  • Anywhere There’s a Game – in Realms of Fantasy (April 2006)
  • Robots and Falling Hearts (with Tim Pratt)
    • Realms of Fantasy (April 2005)
    • Year’s Best Fantasy 6
  • Gillian Underground (with Michael J. Jasper and Tim Pratt) – in Polyphony 5
  • Tales From the City of Seams
    • Polyphony 4
    • Year’s Best Fantasy and Horror 18
  • California King (with Michael J. Jasper) – in Asimov’s Science Fiction (April/May 2005)
  • Authorwerx – in Amazing Stories (January 2005)
  • Native Aliens – in So Long Been Dreaming
  • Fishing, I Go Among Them – in Flytrap
  • Clean City – in Say, What Time Is It?
  • Ones That Won’t Play the Piano, a poem – in Asimov’s Science Fiction (April 2004)
  • Will You Be an Astronaut
    • Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction (September 2002)
    • New Skies
    • Scholastic Scope
  • Demon, Star, Alien, Cat – in Say, Was That a Kiss?
  • Wolves Till the World Goes Down
    • Starlight 3
    • Best Fantasy of the Year: 2001
  • People Stuff – in Lady Churchill’s Rosebud Wristlet
  • Waiting Up For Father – in 365 Scary Stories
  • Picnic Under the Sky – in 365 Scary Stories



3 Responses to Books & Stories

  1. Earl Morris says:

    I see I have a lot of catching up to do as far as your obvious talent goes. I bought, read and finished Norse Code today pretty much all in one setting. There are too many set ups to one liners in the story even to begin to pick a favorite though “Can I interest you in the rest of my muffin?” is got to be up there. I think your story would do well as a movie or anime though it is not as silly as Erik the Viking. I’ll definitely give it a good review on Amazon and the Black Library forums. And I’ll also send it on to C.L.Werner as I think he might enjoy it though it’ll be awhile before he can get to it. He’s got two projects going and a huge “to read pile”. Anyway I hope you get something else into novelized form soon. The Osteomancer’s Son sounds interesting think I’ll check that out next.

  2. Greg says:

    Hey, Earl, I’m really happy you enjoyed Norse Code. Thanks for taking the time and effort to let me know, and I hope you enjoy Osteomancer’s Son as well. Cheers!

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